Obama family moves to Washington  

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Monday, 5 January 2009.
US President-elect Barack Obama and his family have officially arrived in Washington DC in preparation for taking up residence at the White House. 

Mr Obama's wife and their two daughters arrived first at the Hay-Adams Hotel, which overlooks the White House. Mr Obama later flew in from Chicago. 

Malia, 10, and seven-year-old Sasha are due to start classes at the exclusive Sidwell Friends School on Monday. 
The Obamas will move to the official presidential guest home on 15 January.  Blair House, which is located opposite the White House and has previously housed presidents-elect before their inauguration, is booked solidly until then, Bush administration officials said. 

The Obamas arrived back at their home in Chicago early on Friday, following a 12-day family holiday in Hawaii, and began the move to Washington less than 48 hours later. 

The Hay-Adams Hotel, built in 1928, stands across Lafayette Square from the White House, where the Obama family will take up residence following the inauguration ceremony on 20 January. 
Security has been tightened around the hotel, with parking restricted in nearby streets until 15 January, according to city officials. 

The Obamas are expected to stay in one of the historic hotel's luxury suites, which cost several thousand dollars a night, as their daughters start school. 

Other children of prominent politicians to have attended the private Sidwell Friends School include Chelsea Clinton and the daughters of President Richard Nixon. 

In the coming days, Mr Obama is expected to spend time with Congressional leaders, as they work on a multi-million dollar stimulus plan intended to aid the country's embattled economy. 

The president-elect has also been invited to lunch at the White House on Wednesday, along with former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Senior. 


Sounds pretty mundance is't. Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election , now he and the family set to move into the, perhap world's most recognizable address. Its the United States presidential residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. The young Obama will soon be the  subject of a lot of media attention, good or bad. Just like the young childs who's live in the president's mansion before them such as Amy Carter or Kennedy kids. It has been long long time since Americans saw such young childrens in those mansion or maybe a first black kids if you want to put it that ways.It is interesting to see how the media especially in this new age of internet and new media cover such topics, but i guess Michelle Obamas will do her best to protect the kids.

update:CBS, Obamas ready to move 

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Nice blog...very imformative, hope all goes well for Obama and his family on January 15th.