funny Indian rider  

Posted by ipv6

huhuh, what unlucky passenger...

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ramp it, ramp it, ramp it...rampit..mat rempit?

seriously this guy trying at his best to make sure his motorbike engine wont went dead,so he kept ramp it, even asked the passenger to ramp it when he got something else to handle..

So where are the mistake?well he just overdo it, by kept ramp it, over and over again, the combustion chamber was full with energyd, once he switch the gear, there you go man..all the mighty energy been channel to the back weel simustanously.

So it shock the motion and the motorcycle front wheel raised off the ground. In another word it goes wheelie.

Needless to say that it's very inportant in any race, be it a car or motorcycle, to avoid this wheelie stage yet one still need to charge his/her engine to the peak. That when the science and skill come hand in hand so to speak