Happy New Year  

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It's Another New Year...

Sushi lover:beware  

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Details on Jeremy Piven Illness

ET has exclusive new details about the illness that caused Jeremy Piven to withdraw from his hit Broadway show, 'Speed-the-Plow.'

Dr. Carlon Colker, a doctor who has been treating the SAG award nominee and Emmy award-winner, tells ET that Jeremy is suffering from extreme mercury toxicity. He informs us that a test revealed that Jeremy had the highest level of mercury that he has ever seen, which amounts to six times a healthy amount of mercury, in his system.

The doctor says that Jeremy is disappointed that members of the production staff of 'Speed-the-Plow' and other members of the entertainment community have not rallied behind him during this health crisis.

Colker tells ET that a major symptom of mercury poisoning is extreme fatigue. In addition, Jeremy began experiencing neuro-muscular dysfunction late last week, which led to extreme difficulty in lifting his arms and legs. Then, this past Sunday, he began feeling dizzy. Now, the doctors have ordered enforced rest. Jeremy has spent three days in the hospital recently, and the doctor tells us exclusively that the actor is no longer in New York.

Colker tells ET that Jeremy has been an avid sushi eater for many years, regularly eating sushi twice in one day. He notes that Jeremy has also taken certain Chinese herbs, and that, in combination with the frequent sushi consumption, could have led to these elevated mercury levels:etonline , picture copyright 2008 Alex Berliner /Photographer.

This is beyong doubt. Scientists who performed the analysis for The Times ran the tests several times to be sure there was no mistake in the levels of methylmercury, the form of mercury found in fish tied to health problems...go here for the rest of story

Christmas Surprise  

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What is it?

Is there is anyone you would like to send this movie? hahahaw

Really cool and mind-boggling checking account ;p  

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This is an ordinary ATM statement. Indeed its a simple plain ATM's transaction slip, so common that that we can find it around the ATM's machine just about anywhere. But on closely reading those detail on this piece of paper, one must never fail to notice those amount at the bottom of the slip...whoaa that was huge man.(dropjaw, anyone?No? chuckle).

As it clearly show, this is from Chase Bank's checking account and the teller machine located in New York city on the first avenue. Chase is the consumer and commercial banking division of JPMorgan Chase. The bank previously known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with JPMorgan in 2000. This slip is originated from the fellow blogger's blogs Carolyn.anna.

Ok, so as some of you might realised by now that, somebody did pick up someone's else ATM slip out of curiosity perhap. Others would do the same for the reason only know to themself. Its unlikely that they collected it as souvenirs nor been the same as an old postage stamp collecter ;) . Well it look like somebody is curious enough to know how much money this bloke, chick or mak datins(wealthy women) alike have, ahead inline. Depend on who's receive this information, some may envy, some may inspires, others dont. But if you unlucky enough, it could be on the wrong hand, thus you might attract more attention that could pose a risk on you. Risk been robbed, been targeted for many crime that you read on paper latter on...

So chickabiddies please put your's slip into the bin or into the slip holder will ya?

Cardboard Christmas tree  

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Cardboard Safari, a tiny company located in Charlottesville Virginia, USA, design and produced a facinating DIY's 3D cardboard products. Each in the form of puzzle which used laser-cutting technology for precision fit and easily assembles. All products are packaged flat for shipping and include detailed instructions.

They look great in their native brown color or can be decorated with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other craft materials acording to the website.

This products using only paper cardboard are great for home or office. For those environmental conscious people, this must be a must have items me think. And I strongly think this must be the type of decors, that would be a household item in the near future.

And for the animal trophy hunter outhere, I would urge you guys to consider this products instead of the nearlly (or reduced the species' animals number to alarminly low) extinction. See it here, here and here and many more to be found over here for sure.

2008 Inakadate’s crop art  

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For this year Inakadate’s crop art, they vote for the images of Daikoku, which is the god of wealth in Japan and Ebisu (god of fishers and merchants) alongside the corporate logo for sponsor Japan Airlines (JAL). 

Here are a few photos of the rice paddy taken from the adjacent town hall.

Inakadate Villager started to create paddy art back in 1993 as a local revitalization project.  In the first nine years, the town office workers and local farmers grew a simple design of mount Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture every single year, accompanied by the words "Inakadate, a village of rice culture." Those days, they planted rice varieties with different colors of foliage on 2,500 sq. meters of rice paddies plot. After many year experimenting and perfecting the technique a long the way, they begun ventured into a much complex artworks and on much bigger plot.  

It's in 2005, that they managed to persuade the landowners to allowed the creation of enormous 15,000 sq meter of rice paddies. With the bigger plot come a huge challenge for sure. The villagers first plotted the art on paper plans and then painstakingly re-created a huge-scale on the ground, with all the detail. To arrange such different variety as to simulate this kind of detail and the "pixel" on this proportion on the paddy plot is not an easy task I assured you. And doint it manually to create that kind of perspetive is nothing sort of awesome.

Its not untill 2006 that they starting using a moderm technology to aide their paddy artwork. I'm  quite suprise that they toke so long just to realised that computer could and definetly make one life easier, much much easier on their case. Perhap this is the digital gap between the rural and urban albeit in higly sophisticated Japan. Anyways, thanks to the computers, now they can precisely plot and planting of all the four differently colored rice varieties much faster and easier. 

As time went by, the farmers begun experimenting with a complicated illustrations. They not stop on this.This year would constitute as the 16th paddy art and its a first time they ever incorporated some commersial element into the crop. This is to help offset the costs as increased numbers of visitors put a toll on their electricity and water bill. Last year, an astonishig figure, more than 240,000 people came to see the crop art hence many of them using the town hall bathrooms and of course the lifts.

Then somehow, somewhere after the crop begin showing shape of the art, the owner of the rice plot, Ryuji Sato(who happens to be the former mayor of Inakadate and a member paddy art committee) suddently thinks the ad stinks. Later, he demanded the logo be removed from his property.

“The idea has always been to create art that attracts lots of visitors and stimulates the economy,” says Sato. “Turning it into a giant advertisement contradicts what we set out to do.” After a week of heated discussion, the committee voted to pull out the advertisement and then uproot the rice plants that make up the JAL logo.

Wel I think Sato’s word are stinks. What wrong with a relatifly small logo that could generate some money to offset what ever it need to? They already sign the agreement with JAL, not that they are using unauthorized someone ese trademark for sure. Its good to make some money to pay teh bills. what wrong about that? What wrong if it goes commercial, the profit goes to the local people, and it can be channel to local communities, school etc etc. He talks about attractting lots of visitors and stimulates the economy, I must tell to your face Mr Sato san, the people wont distract by the small logo imprint bellow the gigantic awesome paddy art. Never! You talk about economy yet fail miserabily to comprehend the commercial value from the advertisement. How come this man become a mayor I dont know but for sure I know why he fail a bid for second terms, 'cause he suck.really suck

more picture here
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Drive in snow anyone?  

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pluss a bit drunk perhap..No?

BUsh dodge Iraqi's uncharacteristic Weapon of Mass Distruction aka WMD  

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Muntazer al-Zaidi, the Iraqi reporter has lunch an uncharacter assault again the outgoing Bush. But then thanks to the jet fighter simulation training that Bush undergoes in his younger and hippies day (inspike of numerus infamous AWOL and incompleted flight training),he manage to avoid the collision nor the impact of an improvise missile of uncharacteristic Weapon of Mass Distruction.

This clearly show on how Bush's bodyguard fail miserably on protecting teh president, perhap it mirror outgoing Bush policy toward Middle East that not only doesnt works but backfire and wretched many soul in the past and many years to come...

So how he preceive it?

I dunno about you but me found it a bit funny looking at Dubya gesture, in the very moment and on how he enggage the Iraqi missile, hahah. Just watch the Bush facial expression. Lucky for him this wasnt mounted wth a deadly warhead infamous WMD, if they have any of course.

The shoe-throwing reporter, al-Zaidi gets bravery award from Libyan,Wa Attassimou charity group, chaired by leader Muammar Gaddafi's daughter.This group also urged the Iraqi government to release television reporter after he was detained for hurling shoe at Mr Bush and calling the president a dog which is utterly insults in the Middle East.

what do you think?

Really tough job,  

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He's able to load lotta bricks at one go, puttig them all on his head. Admitted that there are all kinds of tough jobs out there, but there's one thing that we are always complaining yet not really wanna think about...like whott,one must asking?
Got it?No?Watch the clip again will ya...

Underground submarines base  

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A huge system of tunnels, filled with water where the formal USSR submarine dock underground. This underground submarine base is formerly classified submarine base that was operational until 1993. The base on the Black Sea Coast was designed to survive a direct atomic impact. During thsose period, Balaklava was one of the most secret areas in the Soviet Union.The whole town was not even mention in the Soviet teritorial map back then.The base remained operational after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 1993 when the decommissioning process started and all the nuke, submarine as well as their fuel was ship back to motherland Russia.

photo credit:Sergei Antsupov
wanna see some more, go here

aerial view of the area.

The door is 2,5 meters hight, the reinforced doors protected the structure from a shock wave.
This base with half kilometer,126 meters deep underground tunnel is quite big, it can house up to nine nuclear submarines at one time.


submarine fuel storage. 

now abandon facilities is open to visitor. Take a look with google earth here

Orion Nebula from Hubble space telescope  

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Image credit:NASA

The Orion Nebula offers one of the best opportunities to study how stars are born partly because it is the nearest large star-forming region, but also because the nebula's energetic stars have blown away obscuring gas and dust clouds that would otherwise block our view - providing an intimate look at a range of ongoing stages of starbirth and evolution...The Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team.

The world’s most secure data cente  

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comference room

submarine diesel engine

Underneath Stockholm bedrock lie the most secure and utra modern data center. The folmer bunker of Cold-war era was design to sustain a close hit of Hidrogen bom.so one's can assure of how strong it is. The facility is called Pionen, covers a total of 1110 sq m, located in the middle of Stockholm, 30 m below ground, in solid granite.

The reconstruction took place during 2007 and 2008. More than 4000 cubic metres of solid rock where blasted away to provide even more space for the servers and the NOC. Not much of the original's selter equipment left. So what inside then?An artificial waterfalls, greenhouses, simulated daylight, German submarine (Maybach MTU) backup engines that produce a masive 1.5 Megawatts of electricity in time of need.

perhap, a trully cyberspace..

So when most of root servers die down in a painfull death afta a catastropic nuke warhead flung around the continent...tadaa!!! we still got some servers running albeit inaccessible to the rest of the world...

mona who?  

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Every single year, farmers in the town of Inakadate never fail to put their creativity into a tangible if not outstanding piece of art..

an empty plot

what say you?


The trully creative and amazing paddy art frm Japan  

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The Japanese farmers has been creating a very creative images out of a very common green paddies field. This farmers from Inakadete in Aomori , somewhere northernmost province of the largest Japanese island, Honshu has master the technique of mixing a different variety of rice into an outstanding artworks.

out of this Japanese's famous  painting...

This scenery will be visible until the rice is harvested in September.

and carefully..

they cut the rice according to their variety i guess.. 

Source:here and here

From the 22 meter high tower that's part of the village office and overlooks the fields, visitors are rewarded with a view that takes their breath away.This is a remarkable reproductions of famous woodblock prints by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) and the images from the artist's "Fugaku Sanjurokkei (Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji)" on the 15,000-sq.meter paddies, are nothing if not spectacular in both their scale, precisions and detail.