How to get rid of cockroaches and get yourself kill as well  

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Cockroaches brutally attack old lady with her own weapon

A huge explosion rocked the city of Lvov in the middle of the night. As it turned out, a 66-year-old apartment owner decided to deal a serious blow to the eternally on-going with cockroaches by spraying the entire place with large amounts of dichlorvos, a nonpersistent organophosphorous pesticide. 

It appears that the senior resident simply tried a little too hard, to put it lightly: the concentrated toxic fumes exceeded the reasonable norm and the poison quickly produced a reaction as soon as the woman lit a candle to reach another dark corner with the pesticide. 

As a result of the explosion doors and windows were knocked out and an entire apartment wall lay collapsed. On top of that many of the owner’s belongings were destroyed in the fire initiated by the powerful burst. The woman herself suffered as well and was taken to the nearby hospital in an emergency vehicle. Doctor on duty explained that the brave cockroach fighter remained in serious condition with 40% of her body covered with burns. 

The neighbors lamented that the insects suffered no losses what so ever. Apparently the poison blew up before they had a chance to inhale it. 

source:Kazanskie Vedomosti Newspaper.

Comment: That was in the city of Lvov (L'viv) in southeastern Poland.

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kind of..blame the lack of basic knowledge about the gas..

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