Very interesting eh? don't you think?  

Posted by ipv6

The aircraft flights around the world..the aiplane flights path interconnected different airports in different cities, countries as well as the travel as we might!

This is an actuall large airplane flights path around the world, recorded by the airplane's flight transponders via Geo-stationary orbital satelites in the span of 24 hours, patches together and condensed down from space into a single minutest. A single yellow dot represent an aircraft. Therefore everything yellowish and bright in color could be translate into a heavy air traffics route over that region, bear in mind  that all of this take place in 24 hours not in a single minute timeframe, otherwise we might need a bigger airport....BTW, It's very interesting to see how's some people from some part of the world travelled heavily in aircraft while the other's from the different part of the world is not (so fortunate perhap?).

So tell me are you happen to be in the region in bright collor or the one least travel?