Underground submarines base  

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A huge system of tunnels, filled with water where the formal USSR submarine dock underground. This underground submarine base is formerly classified submarine base that was operational until 1993. The base on the Black Sea Coast was designed to survive a direct atomic impact. During thsose period, Balaklava was one of the most secret areas in the Soviet Union.The whole town was not even mention in the Soviet teritorial map back then.The base remained operational after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 1993 when the decommissioning process started and all the nuke, submarine as well as their fuel was ship back to motherland Russia.

photo credit:Sergei Antsupov
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aerial view of the area.

The door is 2,5 meters hight, the reinforced doors protected the structure from a shock wave.
This base with half kilometer,126 meters deep underground tunnel is quite big, it can house up to nine nuclear submarines at one time.


submarine fuel storage. 

now abandon facilities is open to visitor. Take a look with google earth here

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