Really cool and mind-boggling checking account ;p  

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This is an ordinary ATM statement. Indeed its a simple plain ATM's transaction slip, so common that that we can find it around the ATM's machine just about anywhere. But on closely reading those detail on this piece of paper, one must never fail to notice those amount at the bottom of the slip...whoaa that was huge man.(dropjaw, anyone?No? chuckle).

As it clearly show, this is from Chase Bank's checking account and the teller machine located in New York city on the first avenue. Chase is the consumer and commercial banking division of JPMorgan Chase. The bank previously known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with JPMorgan in 2000. This slip is originated from the fellow blogger's blogs Carolyn.anna.

Ok, so as some of you might realised by now that, somebody did pick up someone's else ATM slip out of curiosity perhap. Others would do the same for the reason only know to themself. Its unlikely that they collected it as souvenirs nor been the same as an old postage stamp collecter ;) . Well it look like somebody is curious enough to know how much money this bloke, chick or mak datins(wealthy women) alike have, ahead inline. Depend on who's receive this information, some may envy, some may inspires, others dont. But if you unlucky enough, it could be on the wrong hand, thus you might attract more attention that could pose a risk on you. Risk been robbed, been targeted for many crime that you read on paper latter on...

So chickabiddies please put your's slip into the bin or into the slip holder will ya?

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wish its my account ;p
yeah someday...

It could be money from a trust/checking account. I have had more than that in my lawfirm checking account at one time. But I disbursed the money pretty quickly. And since only $250K is now insured I'd disburse it even quicker.

yeap those economic bailout bill has increased FDIC insurance limits to $250,000 per depositor per insured bank. It was intended to instil the confidence among the depositors toward the struggling banks and refrain 'em from withdrawall their money, hence it'll improve the liquidity in ailing banks across the country.

On the second thot,why not raised it to, say a million dollars an account? This then would stop panicked depositors from rushing to withdraw their money from the banking system. And that including you, Nickname unavailable, my fren...hahaha

But doing this will put a toll banking side as the banks will have to pay more in insurance premiums. This will reduce their profits. Bank always a any businesses will pass this to their coustomers by increasing the loan interest rates or decrease the interest for the depositors.