Really tough job,  

Posted by ipv6

He's able to load lotta bricks at one go, puttig them all on his head. Admitted that there are all kinds of tough jobs out there, but there's one thing that we are always complaining yet not really wanna think whott,one must asking?
Got it?No?Watch the clip again will ya...

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u ni buat lay out seluar jeans. cantek dan kreatif. tentu masih muda dan belajar multimedia ni. otai ni generasi taip pakai tangan aje. guna komputer pun gagah je.... otai dah kalau salah buat dalam komputer tu sabor aje lah.

asal kat mana kelantan tu... kawan si 916 ke?
selamat berkenalan. jegoklah

nice blog!
nope, i'm not a graphice designer or whatsoever. i just learnt doing this and that with photoshop.
nice to know ya, btw...

@Nectar, go figure!!;)

@Otai, not multimedia but a bit tough skit kot.I tak kenai si 916 kalau 9/11 kenal lah.hahaha.Taip pakai tangan kira okey lah tu,jarang orang typing pakai kaki,hehe!okey so you are sort generasi yang pakai typewriter punya, so now dah upgrade jadi 'gen2' lah now you discover it got many funtions,the great relieve of all is 'undo',Great!!
I pun pernah used typewriter in my earliest days in varsity. It toke me the whole nite to undoes the silly mistake into a brand new paper of the numb, this is my first venture wth typwriter n the dateline is gaping around the corner..

@janee.nah this is kinda busy to mind this blog still, and am still 'new' to this blogspeare altho, admitted it wasnt new thing for me.