Israel poll results;Tzipi Livni Kadima's narrow win,with Likud's Bibi Netanyahu in second  

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Tzipi Livni's Kadima Party is in first place with 29 of the Knesset's 120 seats, while her hard-line rival Benjamin Netanyahu's hawkish Likud Party follow closely behind with 28 seats.Voters in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel braved pouring rain and strong winds Tuesday morning.

It's really interesting to see the campaign materials from all parties involved in this election. The broadcast authority however allots each party a certain amount of air time for its campaign advertisements. In this election season, some are using the YouTube online video repository as well as their party websites to broadcast and reach out to the voters. Below is a selection of a few campaign and ads that caught my attention:

Livni has featured a ‘Livni Boy’ video on YouTube, echoing the Obama Girl

 I Got a Crush...On Obama, the Obama Girl video clip.

Likud response and gets really nasty with negative campaigning against Tzipi Livni.

A ad attacking Lieberman and Tzipi

It's the first time the Israeli rivals in the election campaign outbidding each other in ultra-extremism and it could'nt be uglier than this to gain more votes ,radicalize the Israeli voters by displaying extremism racist remarks.

Tzipi invites Israelis to “vote for change.” Her campaign distributes T-shirts emblazoned with the made-up word “Believni.” And she brags that unlike the race’s front-runner, former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, she could partner with Obama in pursuing a peace accord with the Palestinians. “The American people voted for hope,” Livni told an audience of college students recently. “This is also possible in the state of Israel.” In response to those campaign, the Netanyahu camp, answers with its own T-shirt with, “No, She Can’t” T-shirts.

The Kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman, who campaigned on a platform to deny citizenship to Israeli Arabs he considers disloyal and others small party will be subject to heavily lobby for a coalition patner. Each party even the small ones expect to gain lots of cabinet posts or anything to that nature as precondition to join a coalition. Anyways there is high chances that Netanyahu would be the one to form a coalition purely because Tzipi Livni lack of negotiation skill. Well a few months ago she had more seats (after Olmert resigned) together with the Labor party and she failed to form a new governmet and resort to an early elections.  

So in this few days the horse trading will begin. At the end of days political compromise would surely take place. Untill then, political stalemate and status quo as well as heavily negotiation behind the scene certainly be the order of the days. But of course anything could happen in politics. Those who got the upper hand will lead a government. Fragile or not its depend who's going to be in the coalition. 

Needless to say that Israeli politics is indeed very complicated than elsewere. The Israeli's President in the others hand can invites one of the candidates to form a coalition government. In a normal circumstances (just like any democratics system) it goes to the candidate with the most seats, but it in Israel's constitution it does not necessarily be that way only. The president can choose whoever base on his discretion and assumption that the person can (read:capable of) forming a goverment. SO looking at this option and Livni history, she is indeed vulnerable. Again anything could happen in politics, even to some entent, really hard to digest nor justify by the masses.

Anyways, what ever the outcome is, it will definetely effecting the ongoing peace negotiation significantly.

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the outcome of the election implies that the peace process in the near future will be nothing but a stalemate if not come to completely stop.