All that glitters is not gold..Shakespeare's??  

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This is a story of yesteryear from a Swedish site that I like to share, so hold your breath...  lol 


A lady was scheduled for a pap-smear that morning. With so many things going on, time was running out. Although normally she would have a thorough top to toe wash, that morning she just opted for a quickie using the face towel that already happened to be near the wash basin, hoping that that would do.

She arrived at the medical center, registered and was asked a few minutes later by the gynae to go in and lie on the bed. It was all a routine. As her legs were lifted and placed on the holder-thingy, the gynae mumbled ; "oh! we make an effort today...". It was an embarrasing situation to be in, she took a deep breath and think of the Eiffel Tower.

She left the medical center 30 minutes later feeling relieved that she got that done and proceeded to the next tasks on the, grocery shopping, post office and other mundane tasks that housewives do.

When she got home, her daughter was already back from school. 

"Mommy, where is my face towel...the one that was here on the wash basin?", shouted the girl, from the bathroom.

"I've thrown that into the wash. Take a new one!"

"But mom, I have all my glitters in there..."


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you must be joking

Hahaha, that was funny. Maybe next time she wont be in such a hurry.

It's a fact of life that accidents do happen and they can happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere especially when our mind are occupied with lots of things..